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The consultancy

Robin Howe Quantity Surveyors, Founded in 1986

Robin Howe Quantity Surveyors is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, which provides commercial and contractual management services to the construction industry, and has been doing so for over 30 years.The projects we have been involved with cover a very wide range within the construction and civil engineering industry for public and private clients.

Meet the owner

Robin Howe

I began my career training as a quantity surveyor within a chartered quantity surveying practise. During the training at the practise I joined the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and sat their examinations. Some years later i began offering my services as a quantity surveyor to contractors in the building and civil engineering industry.

The practise offers a variety of services to clients with the aim of maximising returns as well as protecting the interests of the client Disputes concerning the value of construction works are on the increase because of various pressures within the industry and obtaining the correct advice and assistance to resolve the dispute is essential at the earliest opportunity.The practise is totally focused towards the requirements of clients to achieve the desired results.



  • Tender appraisal, pricing and submission

    Have the tender risks identified for you so that measures can be taken to minimise their impact.

  • Contract appraisal, risk analysis, measurement and valuations

    Reports prepared on contract appraisal and risk analysis.

  • Final account preparation and negotiation

    We can prepare final accounts around the time of the last valuation to assist with submission time limits and commence early negotiation and settlement.

  • Claim preparation and negotiation

    Claims compiled and negotiated on your behalf.

  • Payment progressing and cash flow management

    Have your cash flow managed by us to keep it up to date with cash collected on the due date of payment, no later.

  • Dispute resolution

    Let us assist you in resolving disputes.

  • Adjudication referral preparation and submission

    Preparation of referrals on your behalf, their submission and managing the process through to the decision.

  • Litigation support service

    Quantity surveying support is available through the litigation process.

  • Project management

    We can undertake all the commercial duties on your contract.

  • Expert witness work

    Expert witness work service can be provided.

  • Contractual monitoring

    Carry out duties to cover all the contractual monitoring your contract requires, reporting and advising on delay issues, extensions of time, notice issuing, and dealing with all other contractual matters to protect your position.

  • Insolvency support

    Commissions undertaken to assess any commercial contract salvage as well as assist with the insolvency process.